We believe that...

...the value of e-publication is not just in the content and the brand, but also in the emotional response that we get when we look at a well-designed magazine.
For a good user experience, the e-publication should not only adapt to the reader,
but also maintain its visual component.

What is Magazinius?

Magazinius visual design tools that automatically recreates the look and feel of layouts used in print magazines, on mobile & desktop devices.

    Powerful design tools


A short summary of what Magazinius can do...

Design automatically
With Magazinius you only need to import your content and set a few design rules you like. Magazinius does the rest and designs the content automatically.
Adjust automatically
Published content automatically adjusts it self to best fit the format of a device it is being read on, to offer the best possible reading experience in a beautifully designed format saving you time and money.
Easy to use tools
Magazinius visual design tools don’t require knowledge of web development to achieve responsive web-based magazines.
Publish everywhere
Publish your content everywhere, on desktop/laptop devices, tablets and smartphones, all that with just one button.
Automate design process
Define your publication structure, apply existing templates(or easily build a new one) to publication sections, and your articles will automatically design themselves. Want a more personalized look for a specific article? Edit and design it to fit it to your needs.


Digital publications that feel right


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